As an online business owner, would you agree that you do not want to waste money on advertising, tools and programs? So before you start driving traffic to your website you must fully assess how to successfully monetize your website traffic. If your profits are based entirely upon advertising revenue then you will likely appreciate the need for a good ad delivery system and ad operations.

Even if your site is not fully dependent upon ad revenue there is still a place for a quality ad delivery system within your business plans.  It will depend upon your expected traffic volume and how well you target and segment your traffic to generate maximum revenue.

If you have less than 100,000 page views per month then it is unlikely that you will need an ad serving system, unless you have special targeting and analytical needs that should be considered. In this case a free ad delivery system may get you started in the right direction.

A site with more than 100,000 page views can benefit from a good quality ad system (depending upon the system you choose). If you are new to online advertising you may dismiss some of these statements, so let me use my experience and explain;

A good ad system enables you to fully monetize your traffic by understanding it. The internet enables businesses to test & measure their site traffic and their site promotion to ensure effectiveness of these assets. A good ad system goes a long way to enable the measuring of these items, beyond simple free analytical tools.

When selling advertising (sponsorships, CPM, CPC or CPA) a good ad system enables you to provide detailed reports to your advertisers. This shows them the value of the advertising from a brand, click, or action reference.

Advertisers like to see 3rd party (external) reports. It is not that they do not trust your reports, but 3rd party reports provide independent validation to your advertisers, partners and investors. This should not be underestimated as a benefit of having a quality ad serving solution.

Do you understand the true value of your site to advertisers? With a good ad serving system you can easily justify your advertiser’s investment. The system will tell you the number of unique visitors and their interaction with your site and any advertiser’s offer. In most cases this one benfit pays for the entire ad system each month. Many website owners undervalue their website to a targeted advertiser and therefore give away advertising without knowing it.

If you are merchant website selling products or services you need to fully understand the sales flow and remove any barriers to that flow. While an analytical program will aid you in this analysis, an ad system will enable you to do it in a more advance way. You can use the ad delivery system to ask questions of the customers via exit ads. It also enables you to offer special promotions to people who are exiting the sales process using exit ads, thus bringing them back into the sales process. You can also up sell the buyer with special offers during the sales process. This process does require ad coding of your SSL pages, which is easy for a good ad trafficker.

Being able to target advertising (whether your own merchandise or external offers) by search term, content and geo-graphical location can really increase your Return on Investment (ROI). The more targeted the offer presented to your site visitors, the more likely they will be to make a purchase. In addition, if you can re-target visitors with companion products, based upon previous activity on your site, you will again increase your ROI.

These are real examples of how you can successfully use an ad serving system and qualified ad traffickers to increase the value of your website traffic. These examples are not exhaustive, but they show ways to increase value in your business. Online business success while using a good ad system is only limited by your traffic, your creativity and your ad operations team.

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