There were basically three networks within AdWords’ systems: Google Search, their search partners, and then the content network.  Now any time you run a campaign or test a keyword you will want to do it separately in each network.

And here’s how it works: when you set up your campaign it will ask you questions, but you could always come in to “Edit campaign settings” and you’ll see this right here:

“Networks – Show my ads On”. Google searches the top one, and that’s where you want to start all tests. Only have this one checked, so your ads are only showing up when someone searches within Google itself, and your ads will show up next to the normal organic results.

Google Search

The “Search network”. You can set up a separate campaign for those keywords and have “Search network” checked, and so now your ads are showing on Google itself, and the search network. Now unfortunately you can’t only show the search network and not Google, but you can still set up a separate campaign and try to gauge if it’s even worth it.

Now most of the traffic that you’re going to receive, and the best results that you’ll receive, will come from Google search and not from their search network. The search network is typically lower-quality traffic, so it’s not going to convert as well. You still want to test it with all your little campaigns.

The beauty of the Google AdWords system is that you can test and manage campaigns by using all these specific settings, and separate campaigns by different setting groups. By using them, your results aren’t getting all mashed together, confused or lost. Through testing you will find the specific settings that will produce profitable traffic. Otherwise you will just waste money.

The beauty of the AdWords system is that it puts you in total control of your traffic and, more importantly, you profit. Always keep that in mind: you need to be testing individual campaigns using all the separate settings, and it all starts with the Google Search setting set by itself.

Content Network

The Google AdWords Content Network is incredibly valuable. You may find that it’s a hidden gem that produces more traffic and even more sales for your business, than Google Search.

Some people say ‘turn off Google Content Network and don’t use it”. Well that’s crazy because in many markets the Content Network works really well.

After you’ve exhausted the keyword testing process in the Google search process, you will want to move and run separate tests for those keywords within the Content Network.

When you come under your Edit Campaign settings you’ll see again the networks to ‘Show my ads’ on. You’ll want the content network checked. This is where your ads will show up as AdSense ads on people’s websites that are in their AdSense program.

You don’t really need to worry about the click price if you’re not going to be running your content network campaigns on the Google Search network. If you’re running them together you can set different bids.

Now the power in running ads on the Content Network is that you can actually track your traffic and conversions by individual website within the Content Network. There are some paid services along with some good data that Google will give you to figure out which individual sites are in the Content Networks are sending you profitable traffic, and which ones aren’t.

Google also allows you to exclude certain sites from your campaign on the Content Network. As you are testing and planning your AdWords strategy you’re going to discover which sites and which keywords produce sales for your business. Then you’re going to hone in and only run ads on those sites and exclude all the others.

It’s incredibly powerful. Then you can go to those sites individually and try to buy advertising directly from those sites outside of Google AdWords.  In many cases, because of their small share of the AdSense process, you can pay them more than they’re getting from Google, and get traffic for less than you are pay through Google.

If you find a site on the Content Network that’s sending you tons of traffic and tons of sales, you’ll want to try to do an ad deal directly with them. This will save you money and make that website owner more money.

You may also look at buying that person’s website. If you find that they’re sending a lot of sales this way through this Content Network, you may want to open that discussion.

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