If you want to make your own info products or software and get professional help selling them, then you must consider Clickbank. If you are familiar with all of this, then you may know that one of your challenges as a vendor is getting the best affiliates to promote your product. If you are familiar with what can happen, then you know that some vendors have made millions with the help of affiliates who can get the job done. We want to help vendors get the most from their Clickbank experience, so be sure to put the following into action.

As you know, your sales letter has to convert, so be sure you choose a graphic for it that works well. Make sure the size of your graphics is toned down so that your site’s loading speed isn’t slowed down. Heavy graphics can even be too slow for people with high speed access, and people are very impatient about that, these days. We will say that any possible affiliates who may decide against promoting your product due to slow loading is more of a concern than anything else.

You will receive a standard Clickbank gateway payment processor page, but on your sales letter avoid having different payment processors. The only way your affiliates will get paid is if the customer buys through Clickbank. So just use Clickbank and that will take all that stress away from people, besides, you will get few affiliate sign-ups if you do not do that.

Also with your sales letters, be sure you include as many excellent testimonials as you can. This is almost a must-do task because your conversions will depend on it. If you want the most powerful kind of testimonial, then get videos from customers and use them on your sales page. This is what can really strengthen your product listing at Clickbank and bring you the best results possible.Wealthy Affiliate

Most affiliates will look at your commission offer first, but after that they will look at other important factors. We have only covered a few fundamental items and points, and there is a lot more you can discover about this. It’s all about taking the right action at the right time, and making a stronger impression your potential affiliates – which will ultimately drive in more targeted traffic, and more sales.

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