Primerica Financial Services is an outstanding company. Even so, one primary reason it gets poor press happens because it’s a Network Marketing Company.The reason behind for the reason that Primerica’smarketing and advertising design is primarily driven by the warm market approach.

The greatest problemwith taking this individual technique is the depth of our warm sector is often rather scarce, guaranteed every single every so often you can meet a social butterfly that has a deep network of friends, but much more likely, the average person will normally run out of friends and family to recruit and purchase from.

This is why 95% of most people will quit, do it within the first 90 days, and a small % of people goes on the web and write a negative Primerica online review.

Because of the widespread of those bias and unregulated online reviews, the normal opportunity seeker with check this out and become immediately put off by the company.

The bottom line is that Primerica has an incredible solution for the middle class families worldwide, it’s business opportunity causes it to be one of top Network Marketing opportunities in the country.

Not to put down any MLM companies, however a good share of opportunities are fly by night companies that don’t have a lasting business model or vision, they can over price their product in the hope to put extra money in the reps pocket. However, they will neglect to produce a high quality product to match the price. This can be one of the many reasons most MLM companies don’t stay around.

With Primerica’s $125 sign up fee and $25 dollar a month subscription for their back office. If you work hard in this business you could see six figures in a couple of years through your own personal production and handful of solid team members. The business enterprise offers a low risk and high reward potential–this company is a solid pick.

One challenge I see with Primerica is their attrition rate is quite high, meaning most people don’t stick around for very long, that’s since the company is held with a higher standard then most mlm companies. Now don’t misunderstand me, being held to a higher standard is an excellent thing. However, due to fact that the company sells life insurance and mutual funds, every single rep has to successfully pass certain tests before they are able to unlock the complete gamut of their commission rates.

With the combination of no shows to the “opportunity meetings”, bombing a test or two and not making any money on the front end for their efforts, most people may be disheartened and quit. This is the reason you must seriously be committed to making it work.

The company still takes the old school method towards multi-level marketing, like word of mouth advertisements, pitch strangers in shopping malls and telling family and friends. If people could make on the front end while they are building their business on the back end, I believe that retention rate would dramatically improve.

I do not want to knock the training because there are many people who have gone off to become a millionaire through Primerica’s opportunity, however many network marketers will find themselves upset and frustrated with the system. This is not just a problem that effects Primerica’s sales team, this a problem that faces most mlm companies as a whole.

Fortuitously is there is much easier, professional and effective strategy towards building your team and make money in the mean time, while your under-going your licensing in your Primerica opportunity.

It’s the new school age strategy toward creating your MLM business. The process is called Attraction Marketing, essentially all you are doing is leveraging the power of the Internet, through the use of free tools that are available to everyone: tools like ezine, sociable, facebook, twitter and put yourself in a position to brand yourself as leader in your industry, attracting hundred of people a week to your opportunity.

This enables people to like, trust and buy from your business on a constant basis even if they don’t decided to join your main opportunity. This is a strategy that all new age top money earners are applying in order to build their business. The best part is that in case you are a complete internet marketing novice, the system is so dupilcateable you can actually still utilize and reap the same benefits making money on front end, while building your business on the back end, as they do.

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Justin Tillman is an internet marketer dedicated to creating passive income and teaching others how to do the same by merging network marketing and the power of the internet. To learn more about Justin go to theTheUncommon