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Article writing is one of the most popular methods to use to make money online because it is simple to get started with. Articles are versatile because you can write about almost anything you can think of and start to get traffic to your offers. Following are 3 tips that will make your article writing more effective.

Try to structure the information you write about in a way that keeps people reading – don’t bore them to death. People read articles because they’re looking for something; maybe a solution to an issue they’re having, etc. So if you can, just try to keep the pace going and don’t allow your writing to flounder. Do some research at popular article directories, and then look for authors with a lot of experience and learn something from them.

Think about it because when you structure your research into an article, you’re showing it to people and they really do resonate with it. After you have done enough research for articles you’ll think it’s much easier to do. Quite frequently article writers get ideas through keyword research. Also, you must optimize your articles for the search engines by including certain keywords in your article; when an information seeker is searching for something online they type phrases into the search box; the search engine will return the most relevant results to that phrase; so you must determine which keywords that searchers are looking for that is the most relevant to your article and include them in a way that makes sense. Don’t put to many keywords in your article or it will harm your ranking. Search engines want more clear directions as to what you want your site to get ranked for and the readers want a direct solution to their problems. Just follow the process of an effective article marketing strategy and you will start to see results.

Always stay current with what is going on in your niche, and you’ll never run out of material for your articles. If you don’t do that, then the people in your market will know that you’re not quite up to snuff with what’s happening. It’s not hard to fix this situation, and all you need to do is start staying on top of current events in your niche. Your readership will grow because people will then know and expect you to write about timely issues.

In one very real sense article writing has a highly precise nature about it. You have to speak directly to your specific market audience with specific information, and then you talk to them in their specific language. Always write because the more you do it, you will see improvements and success that much faster.

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Local SEO Optimization is becoming more and more vital to implement into your marketing plan if your goal is to increase local traffic to your business.

A local search is the function performed when a person looks for a product or service in their immediate area via the use of a search engine.

Local SEO Optimization is done by making sure your business has an optimized listing with Google Places, Yahoo and Bing, in addition to adding your business to the free online directory listings such as; Yelp, Yellowpages.com, Local.com, Citysearch, infospace, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and many, many more. If you submit your information to these directories your business will benefit from will improve local visibility and awareness.

The fundamental key to success is to ensure that in each listing, your NAP (business name, address and phone number), also known as a citation, shows up identically (right down to a comma). This is vital it is key to the Search ranking algorithms. Search Engines aggregate the information and use it to assess the validity of your business in their indexes. The more directory listings you submit to, the more credibility the Search Engines allocate to your business and the greater the rise in your search ranking. Fully optimizing your business listing means including a well-crafted business description (containing your keywords used naturally), a link to your website, customer testimonials, photos and videos.

How does Google Places Fit into This?

Google is the King of the Search engines, nearly everybody uses it. So of course Google Places is King of Local Search. So what exactly is it? Think of it as a free mobile friendly website fully integrated, supported and promoted by Google. Over the last few years Google has set up Place pages for millions of businesses, BUT:


Place pages appear automatically in the search results when Google feels that a customer is looking for relevant information

A properly optimized Places listing gives you the opportunity to obtain a first page ranking in Google Search results for your keywords or services. Claiming and optimizing your listing enables you to rise above your competitors who haven’t claimed theirs and appear in front of the customer who is actively searching for the product or service you provide.

If your business is one that could benefit from an increase in local customers, make time to implement a Local SEO Optimization plan today before your competitors do. Don’t forget to monitor and maintain your listing as well, each month take some time every month to analyse your traffic, ask your customers to add reviews, change out your promotion and update your status. If you effectively manage it, your listing will guarantee you improved local visibility and awareness as well as improved search engine rankings.

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The term local SEO services can be confusing as many people are just used to paying for SEO and not really understand why or how to choose your keywords. The first thing you should ask yourself is if local SEO services suit the business you’re in. If you are an online sales company distributing your products worldwide then you would suit national SEO better. Local SEO services are more suited to those that have a local area that they serve.

For some types of businesses, local SEO is just not suitable. These are usually online companies that distribute their services or products to a whole nation or even worldwide. Targeting local keywords is therefore not useful to them as they are trying to reach the nation and not just customers in a specific town or region.

For example, if you are an Edinburgh dentist then you would be looking to target people who are using the search engines to search for things like Edinburgh dentist, dentist Edinburgh and dental care Edinburgh. And it’s these kinds of keywords that your business should be ranking for and will be ranking for with a local SEO service.

Search phrases that contain a town, city or region are called geographic keywords. When someone searches for your product or service and city name, you know that they are a viable customer. With local SEO marketing you will get those types of prospects visiting your website on a consistent basis.

The best customers are going to come from people who type in geographic keywords. This is why local SEO is becoming so popular. With top 3 rankings for your geographic keywords your website with get a constant flow of high quality leads.

The customer does not want to simply search ‘dentist’ because the results will come from all over the UK and they would have to look through so many websites until they find one in their own area. It is therefore most likely that customers use geographic modifiers when using the search engines.

It is also more beneficial for you use local SEO services and rank for geographic keywords because then the only prospects coming to your website are within the area that you can serve. You won’t be people from all over the UK looking at your site.

With larger amounts of traffic coming from search terms like dentist, it may seem beneficial to rank for that kind of keyword. But keep in mind that these people will be visiting your website, emailing you and calling your office and generally wasting your time because you cannot serve someone in Wales if you’re based in Edinburgh.

The main benefit from using local SEO services is that you get targeted traffic to your website instead of dribbles of not targeted traffic. Having people that are actively seeking your services in your area is what will increase you conversion rate. You will also benefit from the fact that local SEO services are much cheaper than national ones.

When there is less competition the local SEO company is able to get your website to the top of the search engines much quicker than for national keywords. This will get you that targeted traffic quicker with a better ROI.

The other thing to remember is that although there are more people searching the national keyword, not only will the majority of these people not lead to being a customer but the amount of traffic that gets to you on maybe the second or third page is nowhere near the huge amount of traffic you will get from being at the top of the search engines for a local keyword.

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Have you been pondering the way to increase your chances of helping your website to be shown on the 1st web page of the engines like google for key phrases relevant to your product or service? In the world of internet marketing, there are various techniques to achieve success online. The very best and the least expensive is Search Engine Optimization or otherwise referred to as SEO. This web marketing approach without doubt helps increase targeted traffic to your website.

If your organization is city specific, then local seo can assist at a substantial magnitude to reach your local target market. It is essential to have more publicity in order to increase your target audience. As higher amounts of site visitors can improve the likelihood of greater prospects and higher sales conversion rates, businesses are happily including seo as their main internet marketing strategy.

Numerous seo services providers have well-proven seo strategies and procedures that can help create your web-site google search friendly. Search engine optimization pros, specialists, experts and material consultants function collectively so as to identify the places that need immediate enhancement. By developing an effective key phrases approach, an seo professional will incorporate those keywords and phrases in to the existing web content so that it might get a suitable position on search engines like google. Moreover, the search engine optimization company will integrate all details relating to your merchandise in the web page together with talking about the area of operation for easy understanding.

Conversely, search engine optimization consulting experts target the local marketplace by performing local entries in Google, Bing and yahoo wherein they talk about specific details about your online business. This will make it simpler for visitors to contact your business without spending a lot of time searching for it. Additionally, they are able to effortlessly find your business and your website on the search engines if it’s located inside the top ten results.

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